Helping my family of new & amateur retail traders navigate the market through amateur securities analysis, tips, & Research.

Welcome to Moon Gang Capital.

If you are here you likely want to learn from me as I wish to learn from you.

Moon Gang Capital is not a financial institution nor a bunch of certified research professionals; but rather an amateur trader who thought it would be fun to take the time out of his day to help other amateur traders & investors. Perhaps I should have named it “Moon Gang Capital Research,” but I thought the name was too long.

It all got started when I noticed a bunch of my fellow retail investors losing money in the markets. My heart went out to them. I saw them making the same amateur mistakes I made when I first started. Mistakes like going all in on one stock, taking advice from folks on social media or internet forums, not understanding nor reading company financials, blowing up their margin accounts, playing risky penny stocks, concentrating on catalysts while ignoring the risks, etc. As a result I created a blog called “Trading Analysis Resources” & set off to help others.

The blog was a massive hit & I joined a group of redditers in a private chat called “Moon Gang.” We were wildly successful in our trades making upwards of 60-148% annually on our first year. We then created a reddit sub called “Moon Gang Capital.” A number of amateur investors instantly saw the value in the securities analysis & tutorials I presented. The next logical step was to simply create a more professional place for them to get their information. That brings us to moongangcapital.com.

Of course it is important to note that I am not a financial professional, & thus, PLEASE REVIEW THE FOLLOWING:

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a registered investment adviser, broker dealer, or member of any other association for research providers in any jurisdiction whatsoever and I am NOT qualified to give financial advice. Investing/Trading in securities, particularly microcap securities, is highly speculative and carries and extremely high degree of risk. The information, analysis, and opinions listed above are my own and may not properly reflect the underlying conditions of a company or security. You should do your own Due Diligence. If you trade based on anything I have written YOU ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY for your own trades and actions and hold the author of this publication harmless. If that isn’t clear enough DO NOT TRADE, ACT, OR INVEST, BASED UPON ANYTHING I WRITE OR RECOMMEND. There, we should be solid now.