Verizon [VZ] a Likely Safe bet in Uncertain Times

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Verizon (VZ) dumped after earnings and can be considered a staple of everything someone wants in their retirement stock portfolio. Its boring, its safe, and they got a hell of a lot more cash and less debt than AT&T (T). During the time I’m writing this, VZ has a safe and sustainable 4.5% annual dividend. In my experience, popular high dividend securities with a reliable payout rates don’t like to drop to a point where the annual dividend becomes 5% or more of their overall share price. Such a commotion brings out the retirement portfolio managers. Unless, of course, there is something seriously wrong in the market. But lets say, for example, the trade turns against you. .. do you really mind bag holding Verizon? I sure as hell don’t. Its one of those stocks that, when trading at a proper level, I don’t mind securing some cash there for no other reason than I have no where else I want to put it. In fact, just add VZ to your watchlist and keep it there for that matter. Easily profitable with THIS STRATEGY. I’m good for a small starter position and will average down every 3% or so. Without further adieu, lets look at the numbers.

VZ: $54.50

VZ Company Profile

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VZ Stats

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Previous Earnings DATA

finviz dynamic chart for  VZ
  • Current Trading Value: $54.50 (Dipped after Earnings)
  • P/E: 12.79 TTM (Trailing 12 months)
  • Forward P/E: 10.93 (Analyst Expect Growth)
  • P/S: 1.78 TTM
  • EPS: 4.2985
  • P/B: 3.35
  • Revenue Per Share: $30.99 (TTM)
  • Cashflow Per Share: 5.36 (MRQ) (Most Recent Quarter)
  • Book Value Per Share: $16.40 (MRQ)
  • Debt to Asset Ratio: 78.11
  • Float: 4.14B
  • Quarterly Earnings Growth YoY: -10.00% (COVID+Competition)
  • Total Cash: $22.17B (MRQ)
  • Total Debt: $150.55B (MRQ)
  • Operating Cash Flow: $44.77B (TTM)
  • Levered Free Cash Flow: $13.66B (TTM)
  • EBITDA: 4.52B
  • Institutional Ownership 66.32% 
  • Insider Ownership 0.03% 
  • Dividend Payout Ratio 57.79% (Easily Sustainable)
  • Analyst Ratings: 62.07% Hold / 24.14% Buy / 10.34% Strong Buy out of 29 analysts (Webull)
  • Price targets Low Med High: $45.00/$60.94/$70.00
  • Next Earnings Expected 04/21/2021 Pre Market

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